School closure vote: 'I was pretty frustrated and pretty sad'

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Rose Elementary School will be the school on the chopping block if a bond levy on the primary election ballot does not pass in May.

That announcement was made after a split vote at last night's Roseburg school board meeting.

One man told KPIC News that he wasn't really surprised by the decision.

He says it's just the writing on the wall that people have seen, but is hopeful the levy will be able to keep the school open. "I was pretty frustrated and pretty sad," said Matt Royston. "There was a lot of good data brought forth that's changing to motivate them to put this off, to think more optimistically about what's coming, and get behind the levy and support it."

If Rose closes, the majority of students would be redistributed to Eastwood and Fullerton IV.

Royston says he isn't giving up.

Going forward, he says he'll be working with Firm Ground, a group made up of people working to keep all of the Roseburg schools open.

This weekend, they'll be putting up signs that encourage people to, "Vote Yes for our schools."