School closure list narrowed down to four

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- The Roseburg school board has narrowed down the list of schools that are being looked at for closure.

Cathy Porter, the executive assistant to the Roseburg schools superintendent told KPIC News on Thursday that the board has eliminated several local schools from the list.

One of four remaining schools on the list will be closed, and the board must now decide if that school will be Green Elementary, Rose Elementary, Fir Grove or Melrose Elementary.

Porter says that a work session by the board Wednesday night was to take schools off the list for consideration.

At this point, any of the four schools left on the list could be closed once a decision is made.

Officials say closing the school will save the district between $300,000 and $400,00 for things it needs, including building maintenance, new curriculum and technology.

The school chosen will close at the end of the school year.