School bus collides with car

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- A two-vehicle crash had traffic snarled for a couple of hours in north Roseburg Wednesday afternoon, after a school bus and passenger car collided.

Police and fire crews were called to the scene of the wreck just after 1:30 pm, which was at the intersection of NE Stephens and Newton Creek Road.

Authorities say Beverly Beatrice Reynaga, 57, of Roseburg, was heading north in the right hand lane, when she slowed down and stopped for a pedestrian.

That's when officials say she was rear ended by a school bus driven by Lawrence Gene Georges, 61, also of Roseburg.

Beverly and her two minor passengers were transported to Mercy by ambulance for treatment of injuries, none of which were life threatening.

Crews had to cut open the rear portion of the vehicle to get one of the victims out of the car.

There were 37 Jo Lane students on the bus, and they were all either picked up by parents or loaded on another bus to be taken home.

Students on the bus told KPIC News that it was a scary ordeal. "All of a sudden me and my friend Victor were talking, and then we came to a complete stop," said Long Miele. "We hit the front of the seat, because we sit right here and this is the front of the other seat. We just smacked right on it."

Georges was cited for Following Too Closely.