Scam alert: Watch out for counterfeit cops

SALEM, Ore. The Oregon Department of Justice is warning people about two scams involving people impersonating police officers.

In one scam, they ask you to withdraw cash so they can inspect it as part of a counterfeit money case. The bogus officer then disappears with your money.

The department said authorities received reports of scammers conning two people out of $50,000.

"We would never approach a citizen to assist us in an investigation of this type," said Gregg Hastings with Oregon State Police.

Scammers are also calling people asking for $154 for unpaid traffic tickets, police said.

The calls may begin with a siren sound. They ask for a specific amount of money for a traffic ticket and say it should be paid by phone using a reloadable debit card.

Oregon State Police say these calls are fraudulent and should be ignored. Troopers don't call you, demanding payment for traffic tickets.

"People who impersonate a police officer not only commit a serious crime but also subvert people's trust in other, genuine police officers," said Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum.

Anyone who believes they've been contacted by one of these scammers is asked to call police.