Saving the library one cookie at a time

DRAIN, Ore. -- When a six-year-old found out about budget problems facing Douglas County libraries, she said she had to help.

"I love my library," said first grader Lolly Frost at the Mildred Whipple Library in Drain on Saturday.

But when Lolly found out that a lack of federal funding might mean the closure of the branch, she said she got worried.

"The library is fun, so I don't want it to close," said Lolly.

Joy Frost, Lolly's mother, is on the Drain branch library board. She said the 11-branch system has seen decreases in funding over the last few years. She said the library has seen reductions in staff and hours of operation. Presently, the branch is open 16 hours per week over three days.

But after Lolly got an Easy-Bake Oven for Christmas, she said an idea just popped into her head.

"I just thought of it because I was trying to think of something to get the library saved," said Lolly. "I got the idea to make cookies to save the library."

"It was all her idea," said Lolly's mom. "And she makes all the sales, too."

"We call the people first," said Lolly. "And then we deliver the cookies. And then they give us the money. And then we go to the library and give the money to the library. And then we do more."

After showing how she baked the miniature peanut butter cookies, Lolly took KVAL News on one of her cookie runs.

"This is for you," said Lolly, handing a box of cookies to a neighbor after knocking on the front door.

The neighbor took the box, smiled, handed Lolly $40 and said, "Wow, they're beautiful. Thank you."

"Thank you for supporting my library," said Lolly,

"Well, we're just more than glad to do it," said the neighbor.

So far, Frost said Lolly has raised $135 for the library. Lolly said she wants to raise enough money to keep the Drain Public Library open for good.