Roseburg's 2012 First Citizens named

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- The Roseburg Chamber of Commerce celebrated the last year and honored community leaders at it's annual First Citizens Banquet.

Cheryl Ramberg-Ford and Dr. Don Bailey were honored for their community service.

Despite their accomplishments, when it comes to the recognition, both want to share it with others. "My wife Betty, she deserves a lot of the credit," Dr. Bailey said. "She put me through college, she worked and I went to veterinary school in Colorado."

Ramberg-Ford credits her parents for her success. "I was blessed to have such wonderful parents," she said. "They were my idols, always were, and they're not here anymore. I still thank them for everything they taught me in life."

The fairgrounds in Roseburg was packed Thursday night for the chamber event.

Alexandra Malone was also honored as the 2012 Future first Citizen for her school and community accomplishments with a $10,000 prize.