Roseburg School Board: 'Rose School' name approved, Indian mascot retained

Roseburg School Board approved the name of “Rose School” for the district's new alternative school, which will move into the old Rose Elementary School building. (SBG photo)

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Roseburg High School will keep its Indians mascot.

The decision comes as part of an agreement with the Cow Creek Tribe of Indians as mandated by the Oregon State Board of Education.

Roseburg High adopted the feather as part of its mascot years ago, and now a new curriculum based on the history of the Cow Creek Tribe is set for approval.

"Both parties have the opportunity to seek changes as they go along, so it's not a concrete, set-in-stone, it's-this-way-forever type of agreement. It's a fluid agreement," said Roseburg Schools Superintendent Gerry Washburn.

The school board also voted to approve the name of “Rose School” for the district's new alternative school.

It'll be moving into the old Rose Elementary School building in the downtown area.

"This alternative school will be a blend of online and direct instruction,” said Washburn, “and will provide a different model than the Phoenix model. It just opens up the opportunity for kids to be able to graduate."

Washburn said once Head Start has moved out of the old elementary school building, Rose School will have room for hundreds of students.

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