Roseburg post office works to keep the line moving

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Monday was the busiest shipping day of the year according to the US Postal Service, and officials say they expect to deliver 545 million packages this holiday season.

On one of the busiest shipping days of the year, some of the customers at the Roseburg post office said they were pleasantly surprised with how fast the line was moving.

Bill McLaughlin was shipping Christmas presents, and was happy with how fast the service was. "I think it's pretty good to be honest with you," he said. "I was expecting a long wait, so I am pretty happy. I don't think it will be long at all."

Vickie Hart shipped several boxes out of state, and says the trip was especially pleasant. "My experience at the post office here is always good, but today was especially fast," she said.

Visiting the post office can sometimes be a frustrating experience, but these customers were all smiles after being helped by the jolly employees. "They're wonderful," said Hart. "They're congenial and they're fast, and they're good. They explain everything which is nice, especially on a holiday."

The United States Postal Service is recommending that all domestic first class mail be shipped out by Friday, December 20 in order to guarantee it will make it there by Christmas.