Roseburg mayor: Post office parking plan scrapped

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Roseburg has scrapped a plan to make back-in parking in front of the post office, but is moving ahead with a study to make other changes.

Mayor Larry Rich says the most controversial moment of Monday night's special meeting came when the council eliminated the idea of back-in parking at the post office in a 4-3 vote. "The original plan was the back-in parking," Rich said. "That's the one that got people having second thoughts. There are a lot of people that have concerns, especially the older folks, in terms of having a difficult time looking behind their shoulder and being able to back-in park."

Parking at the post office will remain the same, but some updates for the city's downtown are in the works. "There's a crosswalk that's going to be designed going across the street there, so hopefully you can walk across it safer," Rich said. "What it is right now, people just walk across when they parallel park on the other side and they just walk across."

City staff hopes the updates will give the city's downtown a more welcoming look. "There will be bike lanes, there will be the ADA sidewalks and possibly a statue, a kiosk of where you are and where to find stuff downtown," said Rich. "It will be just the beautification of that whole area."

Mayor Rich says once the traffic study is complete, we could see changes being made as early as this summer.