Roseburg man attempts Guinness World Record for longest, most accurate bow shot

330 yards is a long distance, especially when trying to hit a small dot with a bow and arrow. Garrett Weaver of Roseburg attempted it, August 15, 2016. (SBG photo)

ROSEBURG, ore. -- A Roseburg man took a shot at becoming a Guinness World Record holder of the longest and most accurate bow shot.

330 yards is a long distance, especially when trying to hit a small dot with a bow and arrow.

That's just what 26-year-old Garrett Weaver of Roseburg attempted to do, and he would have been the only one in the world to do it.

"You're never going to know what you can do until you try,” Weaver said. “The first thing people tell me when I tell them I'm shooting 330 yards is, 'oh, I could never do that.' I'm like, 'well, have you even tried? Then how do you know you can't do it?'"

Weaver says he's been practicing for the record-breaking day since January.

After 16,000 practice arrows, the time had come.

He met all the Guinness requirements: signed witness statements, film proof, and a regulation-size target.

“We were shooting really good in the morning; we shot for six hours that day,” Weaver said.

Weaver had three official attempts to hit the target and beat the current record of 310 yards, but the wind had just started to kick in.

"They're putting up a brand new target over there; put it over the old one they've been practicing on, and we'll see how it goes," said Garrett’s father, Mike Weaver.

He missed.

But he says the attempt was a victory in itself, and that's the message he has for anyone working toward a goal.

"Don't put limits on yourself,” Garrett said, “go out and try, and if you fail, you know what? In my opinion, there's a quote out there that says your failures refine you and your successes define you. So this is just a refining process for me. I'm going to come back, and if I do shoot again, hopefully it's a success, and that's what I'll be defined by."

Garrett must wait one whole year until he can attempt the record again, according to Guinness rules.

He says he's considering another attempt, but hasn't fully committed yet.

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