Roseburg couple headed for Hawaii on a mission

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Roger and Valerie Beckenhauer will not be seeing any of their 10 children or 30 grandchildren this Christmas.

The couple will, however, be someplace warmer than Roseburg: Laie, Hawaii. "Well, it's going to be different because we usually have an awful lot of family and we gather here at Christmas time," Roger said. "Thanksgiving we usually go to our daughter's in Eugene, but Christmas time everybody gathers here, so yeah, it's going to be a little bit different."

The Beckenhauers will leave Roseburg this week for 18 months.

They will be serving as missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. "We're going to have the opportunity to work with a lot of young people," Valerie said. "We'll work with them in the temple, but out of the temple also."

Roger and Valerie's main mission is to help as temple trainers and supervisors, but they are looking forward to some alone time as well. "It will be a great time serving in the temple, serving the lord, and there's going to be time off when we can do a little sightseeing and enjoy the islands," Roger said.

The Beckenhauers will return to Roseburg in June of 2015.