Roseburg Country Club finds new way to navigate course with 'golf boards'

Golf boards have arrived at Roseburg Country Club. (KPIC photo)

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- A new feature has arrived at Roseburg Country Club.

They're called golf boards, a modern twist on the regular golf cart.

With high and low gear options, the boards can reach ten to twenty miles per hour.

The boards can take golfers places most golf carts can't, including off the cart path when winter rolls around.

"This is a brand new item, basically, in the golf industry," says PGA Pro Brian Sackett with Roseburg Country Club. "They've only been out a couple of years and we just got them here at the club about a week ago. It's a combination between, like, a surfboard, a skateboard, and now, it's called the golf board."

Players will receive a quick tutorial on the golf boards before heading out to the greens.

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