Rose School prepares to say goodbye

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- After 109 years of classes, Rose Elementary School is going to be holding it's last assembly for the kids.

After the bond levy on the May ballot failed, school district officials say they were forced to make the move.

The 240 students from Rose will be sent to schools across the district, but principal Jeff Plummer says the move might actually be easier for the kids. "Kids are really resilient," Plummer said. "They often times make the changes easier than we adults do."

From a song written by a couple second grade students, to honors for kids and staff, they were all a part of the final assembly on Monday.

Plummer says the staff at Rose have been trying hard to make it easier on the kids. "You know, I'm really proud of our staff. They've really kept things positive, they've been dancing with kids before school and singing," he said.

Plummer says most of the students will be going to Eastwood, Fir Grove, Winchester or Fullerton IV schools.

Tuesday is the last day for the Rose Elementary kids.