Rockets and aviation: Kids get it all at camp

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Out in Felt's Field on Monday, the sun was shining and the winds were mild, but with the help of the Marion Carl Foundation, the conditions for fun and learning were perfect.

School may be out, but some lucky students from Douglas County spent the day learning the art of aviation by flying model airplanes and building their own model rockets.

Selah Dillon, a Glide Elementary Student was one of them. "We went to 60 psi on the rockets, and it went really high," she said.

18 kids from grades 6-12 were handpicked by their teachers to attend this four-day flight experience.

Greg Taylor, the flight experience coordinator, says the kids who come to this event are top notch. "You know, these are some of the best and brightest of the county, and we hope something will spark an interest and they can go on and maybe make a career," he said. "Or, if not, have a good time and learn about aeronautics."

In honor of the World War II pilot Marion Carl, the camp was put on by Ernie King, a friend of the decorated Douglas County veteran, who wanted to keep students focused on education.

Rob Petterson said it helps the kids in many ways. "Keep them in school, keep their math, keep their science, keep them in aviation and keep them excited," he said.