Rock n' Roll n' Restaurants: 'We really wanted to give the bird to the world'

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Meet Dan Schmid, the bassist from the 1990s rock band the Cherry Poppin' Daddies.

"We were a bunch of overachieving, 125-pound weeklings and we really wanted to give the bird to the world," he said.

You may remember their hit song "Zoot Suit Riot" which climbed the Billboard 200 charts back in 1998.

Pointing to an old band poster, "this was one of our first shows it took place at the old Mediterranean Caf which is at 412 Pearl Street in Eugene," Schmid said.

Schmid is a long-time resident of Eugene. He described Eugene as "funky and slow, I don't think there's anywhere else like it with this pace of life".

"We were all pretty much U of O dropouts, the whole crew I used to run with when the Daddy's started," he said.

But after 10 years of rocking around the country, Dan and the Daddies were ready to call it quits.

"We had recorded 'Zoot Suit Riot' and a few other songs and they were almost written as a lark, you know, because they were really way more Pop than anything we had done prior," he said.

Next thing they know, their hit song got picked up by Mojo records in Los Angeles and the Daddies were topping the billboard charts.

But after life in the limelight faded a bit, Schmid reverted back to his second love: the restaurant business.

The space formerly occupied by Ruthie B's Antiques on Main Street in Springfield is the new home to the town's first brewery, Planktown, and where Dan will be floor managing.

The brewery is set to open by the end of February.

But for Schmid, the bar is more than just another restaurant he's worked at.

"It's renewal. It will be that for me and my personal world and it'll be that, hopefully, for downtown Springfield," he said