Residents want less wait time on trains

WILBUR, Ore. -- Some people in Douglas County say they're outraged over delays at train crossings near Wilbur.

Local residents told KPIC News that limited access is a problem during medical emergencies.

While officials say they are providing solutions, some residents are still not satisfied.

Patrick Kerr is the Director of Government Affairs - West, and he says authorities are working to mitigate the wait times. "We work with our communities, with the 911 service and the emergency vehicle personnel with drills and what not," he said.

That didn't satisfy resident Don Akre. "We didn't solve the problem, so we're setting up some sub-committees to deal with that."

Akre says his wife had to wait for the train for over an hour.

In addition to an alternative road, he says he'd like to see a time limit on blocking roads.

Kerr says the trains do a lot for the community since a lot of railroad business is forest products based.

Officials and residents say they will continue to work on co-existing in the area.