Reserve officer abused young boy for weeks, court documents say

MCMINNVILLE, Ore. -- Investigators say a Yamhill police reserve officer abused a young boy for weeks, inflicting severe brain injuries, broken ribs, even torn intestines.

On Monday Michael Abo made his first appearance in court after he was arrested Saturday.

New documents show investigators believe he's been targeting his girlfriend's son since they moved into his Sheridan home in early December.

The boy was flown to OHSU last Tuesday after Abo said he fell down the stairs, but documents show doctors told police that story isn't adding up.

"To me he's the scum of the earth," said Ruby Swartz, Abo's neighbor.

"I always thought he was bullying me, especially when he came by with his pistol on," Swartz said.

But Abo's friend, who only wanted to be identified as Mary, says there's no way these allegations are true.

"I've never known of him to be a violent person. He's been around my kids, I've been around his kids. I've never seen that action from him," Mary said.

Abo remains locked up on $1 million bail. The boy is still in critical condition.

The Yamhill County sheriff fired Abo Nov. 19, 2012 after disciplining him and after issuing him warnings several times for failing to appear at trials involving defendants arrested for various crimes, according to the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training.

After Abo was fired, the DPSST opened an investigation, which it does automatically in cases like this.

Abo contended he missed two of the scheduled court appearances because of medical issues.

Still, after its investigation, the DPSST recommended that Abo's law enforcement certification should be stripped.

Abo requested an administrative hearing and a judge reviewed the case but proposed that Abo should be able to keep his certification.

The DPSST is considering the judge's proposal and the case has not yet been resolved.