Rain greets governor's RAIN visit

EUGENE, Ore. - Governor John Kitzhaber signed a declaration of cooperation at the Eugene Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday in a show of support for the Regional Accelerator & Innovation Network, or RAIN.

"Author Roger Miller once said some people walk in the rain and other people just get wet," Kitzhaber said. "Well in Oregon we don't just walk in the rain, we build wonderful and amazing things with it."

The Oregon Legislature committed $3.75 million to launch RAIN, a collaborative effort of the cities of Eugene and Corvallis; Oregon State and the University of Oregon; and other public and private entities with an interest in launching new technologies and companies.

"There's resources here, they just don't know how to access them," said Joe Maruschak with RAIN. "What RAIN is going to do is help them navigate the waters in terms of what they need to get in sense of money, in the sense of customers. RAIN is going to accelerate them on all those fronts."

The goal: help new companies launch and grow in Oregon.

"Entrepreneurs tend to stay where the resources are," said Jim Coonan, executive director of RAIN. "So if we can give them the capital and the mentoring and the other resources, they're more likely to stay here and generate jobs and wealth for the region."

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