Protesters gather for pro-gun rally in Salem

SALEM, Ore. - Opponents of gun control rallied at the state Capitol Saturday to stand up against what they see as an infringement on their rights.

The rally was part of a national movement dubbed "Guns Across America." Many of the hundreds who attended carried their own guns to show their opposition to President Barack Obama's proposed gun laws.

Many protesters who spoke with KATU News said they felt misunderstood.

"I have the right to defend my children," said Becky Myers, who is not a gun owner but supports gun ownership. "We have the right to have them," she said.

"It's because we love this country," said Micky Garus. "We're here to protect what our founding fathers wrote down."

"I think there's a certain section of America that does misunderstand," said Tim Denny. "I hesitate to use pro-gun, but freedom-loving. I don't think guns are the problem. They're just tools like anything else."

Diana Bowem stood alone, carrying a sign that said "The NRA is out of touch with humanity." Bowem said she's a gun owner, but doesn't believe assault rifles should be available for sale.

"I don't want anybody to have weapons of mass destruction," she said. "Assault weapons are out of bounds. They're just out of bounds. Why do we need weapons like that?"

Police estimate more than 1,000 people attended the rally. There were no arrests.