Project to make Douglas County people healthier launches this week

(KPIC image)

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- A project aimed at making people in Douglas County healthier and happier is launching this week in Roseburg.

The Blue Zones Project Umpqua will work with schools, grocery stores, restaurants and other organizations on activities and community policies to promote health and wellbeing.

Those are based on concepts taken from populations across the world that live the longest and healthiest lifestyles.

“They're things as simple as building physical activity into your daily activity, finding your sense of purpose, prioritizing your family,” says Aaron Patnode with Blue Zones Project Oregon. “They aren't necessarily earth shattering but when taken together in combination can help people live longer, happier, healthier lives."

Douglas County will start seeing the Blue Zones Project activities and events over the next few weeks in what will be a three-year process.

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