Powerlines + trees = fire

ROSEBURG, Ore. - Trees came into contact with powerlines Tuesday, sparking one wildfire, the Douglas Forest Protective Association said.

Crews responded to the first fire around 4 p.m., 7 miles west of Sutherlin on Oak Hill Road.

The fire was started by a tree that fell through the power lines.

While firefighters were able to stop the forward spread of the fire, they had to wait for the power company to de-energize the power lines before mopping up and securing the fire.

The Oak Hill Road fire burned about 1/10th of an acre of grass and blackberry bushes.

At about 7 p.m., firefighters received a report of a tree branch across the power lines on Shively Creek Road, 2 miles south of Days Creek.

Crews arrived on scene and found the tree branch smoking. They stayed on scene until the power company arrived and removed the branch.

No actual ground fire resulted from the Shively Creek incident.