Police: Suspect killed, officer injured in shooting near Wilson High School

PORTLAND, Ore. - A suspect was killed and a Portland police officer was injured during a shooting near Wilson High School at Sunset Boulevard and Capitol Highway Wednesday afternoon, according to Portland police.

According to a law enforcement source, the officer was shot in the arm and was taken to the hospital for treatment. He's expected to be OK.

According to police, Portland Police Youth Services and Central Precinct officers were responding to a report of a suspicious vehicle when a confrontation occurred, the officer was shot, and the suspect was shot and killed.

During an evening news conference, police Chief Mike Reese said officers exchanged gunfire with the suspect. He could not confirm whether the officer who was shot was the person who shot the suspect.

He said officers recovered a gun near the body of the suspect.

Earlier in the day, police put out a news release that said students who were walking home from schools in Southwest Portland had reported they had seen a van driven by a male who followed them and acted suspiciously.

In response, Reese said the bureau deployed extra patrols in the area. But Reese could not confirm whether the man or the van was related to the shooting.

"It's obviously shocking when an event like this happens so close to any school. I'm certain that the staff and kids here are thankful that the officers were present," Reese said.

A KATU employee, who happened to be in the area at the time of the shooting, said she heard five shots at about 4:15 p.m. and that an ambulance took a patient away at high speed. Other witnesses said they heard four or five shots and saw officers sprint across a nearby parking lot.

Reese said police could not confirm how many shots were fired.

A portion of Capitol Highway in the area was closed as police investigated the shooting.

A witness told a KATU News reporter that from her office at RE/MAX she saw a police officer shoot a man, and that the man's body was lying on the sidewalk.

Another witness, Monique, who was eating lunch outside nearby, heard the gunshots.

"We didn't see a whole lot directly. We looked up and was able to see an officer - looked like they had their vehicle, or their gun trained on a vehicle, but we weren't able to see much from that," she said. "That's when we saw police cars and emergency vehicles respond, descended on the area."

She said she saw what looked like a body on the sidewalk and behind the vehicle.

She also said there were families and children in the area, because it is a popular place and school was letting out.

Several students at Wilson High School said they heard gunshots. The baseball team was having practice nearby when the shooting happened.

"We heard five gunshots and then a few seconds after that I heard a -- I knew it was a Crown Victoria police car accelerating and then the siren came on and that's when I thought that's not a track cap gun, it's probably a real gun," Perry Taylor, a baseball player, said.

Other students, who were running lines for a school play outside of the school, were asked by a teacher to get inside for safety.

"He locked us all in the room, which was terrifying because all he said is something is going on with guns down by the food carts," said sophomore, Ian Sloan.

The injured officer was taken to Oregon Health & Science University. Other officers went to the hospital in support of the officer. Portland Mayor Charlie Hales was at the hospital, as well, and went to the scene of the shooting.

Police said it will be 24 hours before they release the wounded officer's name. Police also declined to say whether the wounded officer was with youth services or Central Precinct.

Reese said this is the first officer-involved shooting in Portland in 2014, and the first since March 2013 when officers were ambushed in the Lloyd Center area.

KATU reporters Hillary Lake, Emily Sinovic and Anna Canzano contributed to this report.