Police: Over 4 pounds hash oil, $10K seized after traffic stop

SUTHERLIN, Ore. -- A Sutherlin police officer found 4 and a half pounds of hash oil and a large amount of cash during a traffic stop investigation over the weekend.

Police say Officer Matthew Barrett was getting on I-5 southbound at milepost 138, when he saw a vehicle with only one headlight driving south.

Barrett said the vehicle was only driving 50 miles per hour and he stopped it at milepost 136.

Officials say an investigation led Barrett to over 4.5 pounds of hash oil and about $10,000 in cash. Both the hash oil and cash were seized by police.

Officials say the two people in the vehicle, Ted James Lavelle, 51, of Poulsbo, Wash., and Kurt Robert Perry, 50, of Kirkland, Wash.

Both men were arrested and charged by police with unlawful possession, delivery and manufacture of marijuana.

Lavelle and Perry were lodged in the Douglas County Jail.