Police find IED on elementary school playground

ALBANY, Ore. - A Gatorade bottle on a playground might not sound suspicious, but Albany Police suspect the one they found at Periwinkle Elementary on Monday was an improvised explosive device.

"It was Presidents Day, no students here" Principal Bob Daughtery said. "A community member was just accessing the park, saw it, and called the Albany Police Department."

The Oregon State Police bomb squad detonated the device.

Had it exploded with students present, officers said they could have suffered severe chemical burns.

On Tuesday on a different Albany school campus, a student was found with a pellet gun tucked into his backpack.

"He's a student here, he was acting out, behaving inappropriately for school," Albany Options School principal Dan Knight said. "So I asked him to leave."

Knight told KVAL News a neighbor reportedly saw the student waving the pellet gun at the ground and called police.

Albany police Sergeant Jerry Drum said the student came back to campus with the pellet gun in his backpack.

Authorities put the campus into lockdown.

"With the recent things back east," Sgt. Drum said, "and even the mass shooting at the Clackamas Town Center, absolutely everyone's at a heightened awareness of these types of things."

Drum said no students were in grave danger in either of these incidents.