Police find 'homeless' man dead with $85,000 in drugs, cash

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Police found one of Yakima's most frequent panhandlers dead in his car Tuesday night. Officers found nearly $2,000 along with half a pound of heroin worth $83,000.

Yakima police believe the panhandler found at Taco Bell died of an overdose. The Yakima County Coroner later identified the man as 56-year-old Douglas Budd.

"That's more than a lot of people make in a year?" Action News asked.

"It's a lot more then people make in a year," said Yakima police captain Rod Light.

"But he was asking for a dollar saying he was homeless on a corner?" Action News asked.

"Exactly," Light said. "These people are not homeless."

But other panhandlers told us a different story. "Jack" said he's tried everything since he lost his job and his hope.

"Very frustrating, it's been a long time since I had some money," Jack said.

Jack hopes pen to cardboard will put a few bucks in his pocket.

"[I] heard from people that they make good money holding a sign on the street corner," he said.

Money he uses to buy food, water, and sometimes shelter unlike his late co-worker.

"[It] just puts a bad reputation on people who are homeless," Jack said. "Makes me angry."

And while Jack might be an honest man, Yakima Police Captain Rod Light says most, like the man found last night, are not.

"They'll say whatever they need to say or do to get a buck from you," Light said.