Police: Diapered driver, 3, makes a dash after crash into house

MYRTLE CREEK, Ore. - The 911 caller saw the Jeep crash into the house Tuesday night - and saw the driver run from the Jeep wearing only a diaper.

Police found the 3-year-old lounging on a couch watching cartoons as if nothing had ever happened after the crash Tuesday night around 7:30 p.m., according to police logs.

But an officer had contacted the boy at 9 that morning when the officer noticed the small blond lad sitting unattended in a black Jeep Wrangler outside a Second Avenue home.

After about 5 minutes of no adults coming out, the officer contacted the child and asked him where his parents were.

The boy told the officer his parents were not home but that another relative was asleep in the house.

The officer woke up the 22-year-old relative and turned the child over to him. The relative was advised that the boy had the keys in the Jeep, and the vehicle was not secure.

So 10 hours later when police saw the Jeep resting where it had crashed and heard about the diapered driver leaving the scene, they went and found the boy.

According to investigators, as the relative either slept or used the bathroom, the boy again got in the Jeep.

This time, the boy knocked the vehicle out of gear, and it started to roll.

The Jeep went south on Second Avenue through the intersection with Hall before going up over the curb and through a yard, finally colliding with a house.

That's when the witness called 911 to report the crash and the diapered dash from the scene.

The owner of the damaged house discovered what had happened as she walked home. The boy's relative made an agreement with the homeowner about how to handle the damage.

And police, having previously warned the 22-year-old about keeping an eye on the 3-year-old boy and the Jeep, issued the man a formal citation for Failure to Supervise a Child.