Police crank up patrols on I-5: 'We want to be out in force'

EUGENE, Ore. - In a hurry this holiday season?

Slow down and arrive alive: Speed is a killer, state troopers say.

And if you're on Interstate 5, expect state patrols in Oregon, Washington and California to be out in force.

"Speeding, hazardous violations, and DUIs - anything that, that in the past has caused fatalities during the holiday season, we want to be out in force to prevent that from happening," Sgt. Alan Gilbert said. "Any type of agressive driving like road rage, we get a lot of that. People cutting people off, somebody's driving aggressively, those are the one's that I'm looking for."

Oregon State Police troopers are on an all hands on deck schedule, meaning every available officer is in a unit and on patrol through the end of the holiday weekend.

"Trying to prevent fatalties on I-5 by increased enforcement and presence on the freeway," Gilbert said.

Speed is one of the top dangers, he said, especially on the wide open road.

"The faster speeds and the people that are really, you know, pushing it, tend to be outside the city, trying to make up time between here and Roseburg, or here and Portland," Gilbert said.