Police crack down on crosswalk violations

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- If you were walking or driving in downtown Roseburg today, you may have seen some police officers working as part of a pedestrian safety enforcement blitz.

This is just the first of two safety patrols that Roseburg police are conducting this year, in an effort to reduce pedestrian injuries and remind drivers to use caution when approaching cross walks.

Keith Young, a motor officer for the Roseburg Police Department, says they wanted to conduct the safety blitz in one of the busy areas of town. "We're spending four hours out here in front of the courthouse," he said. "I chose this spot because there's lots of foot traffic going back and forth between downtown."

An officer dressed in plain clothes walked back and forth across the intersection, while two patrol cars were ready to stop drivers who did not obey the law. "They have to stop and remain stopped until the person in the cross walk is completely out of their lane of travel and the adjacent lane of travel," Young said.

Although the focus of the blitz is pedestrian safety, police stopped drivers for other offenses as well, such as talking or texting on cell phones and not wearing a seat belt.