Police chief honored for VA cemetery project

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- One of the biggest supporters of the VA cemetery paving project has now been named law enforcement officer of the year.

When Frances Burge's heels sunk into muddy waters at the VA cemetery, she gently sunk her heels into her husband, urging him to fix the problem.

Her husband is Roseburg Police Chief Jim Burge. "She kept me going, and she's my motivation in everything I do," Jim said.

It was just the jolt Burge needed to get the VA cemetery's paving project rolling.

For Burge's role in the project, Roseburg's American Legion Post 16 has named the Roseburg chief as Law Enforcement Officer of 2013. "You know, the only thing I'm really responsible for is finding a good group of committed people, who picked up the torch to help get this project accomplished," Jim said.

Burge insists on sharing credit for his award with the City of Roseburg, community leaders at the Ford Institute of Leadership and local attorney Derek Simmons. "I'm just so tickled to see blacktop out there where once muddy water rested," he said.

But don't forget the heels belonging to the woman who kick started it all.

Frances Burge was also honored by veterans with her own special award: a pair of gold heels.