Police arrest 14 at Eugene apartment

EUGENE, Ore. - Police arrested 14 people early Tuesday morning at an apartment just west of Washington-Jefferson Park.

Officers were monitoring the apartment based on computer analysis of crime trends in the area when they saw known "persons of interest" enter the apartment.

Three people in the apartment when police moved in around 3:40 a.m. had active warrants for parole violations, police said.

All 14 were charged with frequenting a place where controlled substances are used.

One of the people was also charged with possession of methamphetamine.

Police provided this list of people arrested in the investigation:

Anastasia Loren Yell, 20
Karen Lee Young, 23
Nicholas Earl Burnside, 23
Kyle Farthing, 33
Lindsey Kruesi, 30
Rosanna Lynn Miller, 35
Chad Jessie Lee Brown, 29
Daryl Ray Johnson, 39
Michelle Lee Bucknell, 30
David Allen Cathcart, 49 (also charged with possession of meth)
Melissa Ann Gallamore, 44
Elija Ra McGloghlon, 33
Katie Jolene Wilkinson, 24
Patrick John Hauger, 25