Pet pig back home after spending night alone

NOTI, Ore. -- It was a heart warming reunion April Sutherby was waiting for all day.

After going missing, April found her 140 pound potbelly pig, Ruder. "I was scared he would wander into the street, or a cougar was going to get him. I think any pet owner that has lost a pet knows the feeling," she said. "You just can't help but think of the worst."

Ruder got loose between noon and 6 p.m. Tuesday from a yard on Poodle Creek Road in Noti, west of Veneta.

Gary Doak lives about a mile from her, and just happens to have what he calls a pig palace.

He found Ruder in the middle of Poodle Creek Rd. "I am glad they are here to get the little guy, because we already renamed him and we were getting attached," Gary said.

Sutherby contacted our newsroom and we posted her story on our Facebook page. Our Facebook fans helped connect the two families.

Ruder may look really comfortable laying in some hay, but he's not used to sleeping outdoors.

His owners let him sleep in their own bed.

Sutherby says Ruder is more like a dog, and he even does tricks.

So, after Ruder spent a night outside doing what she calls 'glamping,' she had a plan for him when he got home: "You're definitely going to get a bath before he gets anywhere near the bed," she said.