Partner Sports Camp bringing kids together

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Thanks to some partners, a summer sports camp in Douglas County is a better experience for everyone.

This summer, over 50 developed partners and disabled campers have come together to enjoy a summer of hiking, fishing and team sports.

Andy Boe, and ESD special education teacher, says the program means a lot to both the campers and the partners. "I think partners learn a lot about themselves and how to have patience when working with someone who has a disability," Boe said. "They learn a lot about people with disabilities, that, you know, there are some barriers there."

The camp isn't just about learning for camper Brett Sprinkle, it's about doing what you love. "I used to dribble so high, but now I can dribble waist high," said Sprinkle. "I think right now I've already gotten better just within 5 days of camp.

The Partner Sports Camp wraps up on Wednesday.