Parking fees may increase in downtown Roseburg

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- If you park in downtown Roseburg, you might have seen them along the street: parking meters. Using those meters might cost you a few more cents in the future.

Right now, you put a nickel in and you get thirty minutes worth of time. In the future, this could change to ten minutes.

Roger Hartman is the chairman of the Park Smart Committee, and he says the parking program needs to pay for itself. "Unfortunately, the parking program has to be self-sustained. The city doesn't want to use any tax dollars to subsidize it."

If the Roseburg city council approves the plan, five employee parking lots, two floors of the parking garage and parking meters downtown could see a price increase.

Hartman adds that the rates for parking have remained where they are for a long time. "Parking rates, as far as the meter rates, have not been raised in well over 10n years."