Power restored in Douglas County, utility says animal was cause of Sutherlin outage

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SUTHERLIN, Ore. -- As of 8:15 a.m., lines are back up and power has been restored to all members along the Elkton/Scottsburg line, with the exception of about 12 members on Shad Road, Douglas Electric Cooperative said.

A tree had come down across the lines in that area, the utility said.

Power to the Sutherlin area has been restored. Crews investigating the outage found that an "animal of some sort made" contact with one of the regulators, causing a catastrophic failure of the unit as well as damage to the unit next to it, the Cooperative said. The substation technician was called in to prepare two replacement regulators for installation. Those regulators were transported to the site, installed and tested prior to restoring each of the three feeders one at a time.

Members are encouraged to call the office at 541-673-6616 if they are without power, and to get more timely updates.

Power was out to approximately 1,100 members early Monday morning in Sutherlin, Nonpareil and Driver Valley, as well as Elkton to Scottsburg.

Douglas Electric said there were two separate causes for the outages - one due to regulators in the Fair Oaks substation that needed replacement and the other other due to downed wires.

"Lots of wind here last night," said Todd Munsey with the Cooperative. "We have a few other isolated outages and I have to assume they are wind related as well."

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