OSP: Man drove over the river and through the woods in stolen Jeep

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. -- Oregon State Police tracked a North Bend man down on Sunday, after they say he stole a vehicle and drove through the Elliot State Forest to try and hide it.

Authorities say a trooper learned that the Douglas County Sheriff's office was trying to locate a stolen vehicle in the Loon Lake area off of Highway 38 on Sunday.

The trooper went to the area and found some tracks he thought may have been from the vehicle, a 2010 Jeep Liberty that belonged to Central Pacific Railroad.

Authorities say the trooper followed the tracks up Cougar Pass towards Elk Peak in the Elliot State Forest.

The tracks led him to the West Fork Millicoma River, where they say Robert L. Finder, 30, of North Bend, had crossed the river and tried to hide the Jeep.

Troopers say the vehicle was covered with green tarps and vegetation.

Finder was arrested and transported to the Douglas County Jail and charged by authorities with several crimes, including unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and eluding police, among others.

Finder's bail was set at $162,500.