Oregon Coast Aquarium brings lessons to area kids

MYRTLE CREEK, Ore. -- Representatives from the Oregon Coast Aquarium are bringing their Aquari-Van to Douglas County schools this week to deliver special marine science assemblies.

Tri City Elementary is one of the many schools the Aquari-Van is visiting this week.

Darla Waite Larkin, the principal, of Tri City Elementary, says the program is great for the students. "They engage the students in a way that the students had a high level of learning, and we felt it was really beneficial for the students," she said.

The mobile aquarium visits elementary age students to educate them on animals that are found in the Pacific Northwest.

McKenzie Reeves, an Education Specialist from the Oregon Coast Aquarium, says it pays to start educating about animals at an early age. "It's really important for us to inspire them and connect them with the animals we have along the Oregon Coast, and share with them the stories of the animals that we have at the Oregon Coast Aquarium," Reeves said.

Principal Larkin says this is especially great for those students who have not yet been to the aquarium. "Really, we'd like to send everybody to the aquarium, but when that's not possible the next best thing is to have them come here," Larkin said.

Aquarium staff says this helps the students feel more connected to the wildlife that's shared with them.