Oregon #1 destination for U.S. movers: 'It's amazing and very lush'

EUGENE, Ore. -- According to united van lines, the nation's largest home moving company, more people relocated to Oregon than to any other state in 2013.

Eugene residents have also noticed the growth.

"We came from Hamden, Indiana," said Annette Pershen. "I'm having a little problem getting used to it now. I like it a little quieter a little slower. But it's all part of our United States growing."

The study found were people Oregon were inbound.

Many people our reporters talked to in South Eugene on Saturday said they moved to Oregon, however they often had different reasons.

"I moved to Arizona and worked there for a while, just as a change of pace," said Elly Dickie. "I love the beauty of the nature here. It's amazing, and very lush."

Juan Cruz was born in Mexico, and said he appreciates the emphasis on local food production.

"Bringing nice specials to the locals is always welcome," said Cruz.

According to economists: business incentives, urban culture, and lower costs of living are attracting people to the northwest and southeast.

"I was born in Worcestershire, England," said Eugene's David Bull. "I love the small town but it has big town amenities."