One of the 'Oregon Five' could be released from prison soon

PORTLAND, Ore. - One of the notorious "Oregon Five" killers could be released from prison this week.

Conrad Engweiler, who was convicted of aggravated murder for killing 16-year-old Erin Reynolds in 1990, has a release hearing scheduled for Tuesday.

In 2011, the Oregon Supreme Court ruled the parole board overstepped its authority when it said Engweiler would have to wait 40 years before being considered for release.

Reynolds' family is angry about the turn of events.

"I don't see why cold-blooded murderers get so many rights," Reynolds' sister, Beth, said on Sunday. "What makes everything fairer for them? What about Erin, what's fair for her?"

Engweiler was 15 when he sexually assaulted and strangled Reynolds, leaving her body on a pile of leaves outside his house.

The Oregon Five are five men convicted of aggravated murder as teenagers in the 1990s, before Measure 11 established mandatory minimum sentences for major crimes.

Engweiler was sentenced to life with parole. Measure 11 had, however, set the minimum for juveniles given the possibility of parole at 30 years - 10 years less than what the parole board had told the Reynolds family.

"I was a messed-up kid," he told a parole board in 2012. "That's not justification for what I did. It was a twisted, evil crime."