Officials say still a few snags in UCC traffic

WINCHESTER, Ore. -- School started up on Monday at Umpqua Community College, and many of the students coming back returned to a little bit of traffic.

Originally, ODOT officials said that they hoped to have all of the work done at the 129 interchange before classes started, but they're not quite there.

There are still some intermittent lane closures, and traffic is backing up at some points.

Officials say that it's important to remember that things look a little different out there, and it may not be what drivers are expecting. Dan Latham, the ODOT public affairs spokesman, told KPIC News that much has changed in the area. "That interchange looks a lot different than the last time they saw it back in June, there have been a lot of changes," Latham said. "There are some traffic control changes, new traffic signals. And so people should kind of slow down, drive with caution until they kind of get used to how everything's going."

The new traffic lights are timed, but Latham expects them to have sensors installed sometime in the next few days.

Until then, Latham cautions that students should add a little extra drive time to their school commute.