Officials: Henson charged with shooting two in the head

COOS BAY, Ore. -- A Grand Jury charged Timothy Henson with aggravated murder for shooting two people in the head multiple times Sunday (Sept. 2nd) on Highway 101, the district attorney said.

On Friday, the Coos County Grand Jury returned an indictment charging Timothy Allen Henson (left) on two counts of aggravated murder, two counts of kidnapping and one count of assault.

District Attorney R. Paul Frasier said Henson shot three people in the incident. Henson killed George Micheaux III and Milton Chester Leach, while a shot also hit his wife in the arm.

Autopsies completed Thursday confirmed that Leach and Micheaux died from gunshot wounds to the head. Micheaux was shot a total of four times; once in the hand and throat, then twice in the head. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Leach was shot twice in the head. He was taken to OHSU in Portland before dying from the gunshots.

Investigators allege Henson forced Tuell and Ruth Sherrie Micheaux from the scene of the shooting, leaving the two men at the scene along Highway 101.

All five people involved are family members who lived on the same property in Myrtle Creek.

The initial investigation suggests an altercation occurred in the vehicle as it was driving north on Highway 101 with all five people in the vehicle, police said. At some point a gun was produced and fired inside the car, which then stopped.

The investigation is continuing but initially it appears that Leach and Mr. Micheaux were both fatally shot while outside of the vehicle after it stopped, police said.