ODOT proposes Hwy 42 upgrades

WINSTON, Ore. -- The stretch of Highway 42 that runs from the Green District to Winston could see some upgrades.

For about a year and a half, the Oregon Department of Transportation officials have been working on plans to improve that road.

Those plans include more than 20 different changes to the area, including more street lights, a center median and bike and walking paths.

The management plans are in the draft stage, and ODOT officials say that's the first step in getting the project up and running.

Tom Guevara, an ODOT Senior Transportation Planner, explained the process they have to go through before funding can be secured for the projects. "Basically, the plan is what we call the first ticket to the dance. Before you can get any type of state or federal funding, you have to have it identified in a plan, and there has to be a purpose and need, there has to be some priorities," he said.

If everything goes according to plan, the changes will take place over the next two decades, and will cost about $22 million.

Guevara says each project can be completed individually.

Officials say that now is the time to voice your opinion on the plan. If you would like give feedback or learn more, you can contact ODOT.