Oakland schools closing due to illness

OAKLAND, Ore. -- Oakland schools sent their students home on Wednesday, due to a widespread illness, and they will remain closed for the rest of the week.

According to officials, at 1:30 p.m., students were being sent home.

A spokesperson from the Oakland administration office says that at this point, the schools will re-open on Monday.

It is not known at this point if the kids contracted Norovirus, the bug that spread around Fir Grove Elementary School in Roseburg back in the beginning of the month.

The Oakland School District superintendent Nanette Hagen, told KPIC News that she thinks it's probably Norovirus, but they are waiting on lab results to come back.

As of Wednesday, she said nearly 100 kids are sick, out of the 540 kids that are enrolled there. Last week, she said a couple kids became ill, and Wednesday before school started at least 12 students had already called in sick.

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The Oakland High School football team, which is playing for a state title this weekend, is still planning their afternoon practice at Roseburg High School's field.

All of the middle school sporting events and practices have been canceled.

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