Nude photos of on duty officer posted online

ALBANY, Ore. -- Some nude photos that an Albany police officer sent to a love interest while on duty in 2010 were posted on a gossip website, the Albany Police Department confirmed on Monday.

Captain Eric Carter, the public information officer for the Albany Police Department, declined an on-camera interview with KVAL News on Monday. He did, however, send out a press release that was drafted in 2011. (full copy posted below)

Carter wrote that Officer Anthony Rose had taken inappropriate pictures of himself while on duty, and he sent them to a woman who he was having an intimate relationship with.

Eventually those photos were posted on The Dirty, a website where anonymous users can post anything about anyone. Website has content that some might find objectionable.

Some Albany residents like criminal justice student Josue Torres think that officers shouldn't have lude photos floating around the web.

"That's not cool," Torres said, after viewing the photos online. "That's not right posting stuff like that when you're in a high rank like that."

Carter said Albany Police and Oregon State Police conducted an investigation into the explicit photos sent by Rose while on the job.

The department said that Rose didn't break any laws by sending the photos to his then girlfriend, but he had violated the department's conduct code. Carter said Rose was disciplined in-house.

Rose is still employed as a police officer with Albany.

KVAL News was tipped off about the photos by someone who claimed that she searched Rose's name on Google after he issued her a speeding ticket last month. The woman said that the photos were in one of the links that popped up.

Below is the information that the Albany Police Department released in 2011. Officials said that the matter was investigated and addressed in 2010:

July 14, 2011

A little over a year ago (the incident occurred in 2010) the Albany Police Department was conducting an Internal Affairs investigation involving another officer that ultimately resulted in termination and criminal charges being levied against that officer. During the course of that investigation it was alleged that Officer Anthony Rose had, while on duty, taken photographs of his genitalia and forwarded them to a female who was reported to be underage. Based on that information, investigators determined that such conduct would possibly be a violation of Oregon law.

The Albany Police Department sought advice and counsel from the Linn County District Attorney's Office and requested an outside agency investigation into the facts surrounding the allegations. The Oregon State Police conducted a full and thorough investigation of the allegations and consulted with the Lincoln County District Attorney's Office to determine if the facts supported any actionable criminal charges. Both the OSP investigation and the review by the Lincoln County DA determined that there was no violation of criminal law. The findings were returned to the Albany Police Department for our own internal investigation into possible violation of department policy or other standards of conduct and performance. Albany Police investigators determined that department policy had been violated and Officer Rose was disciplined.

While we can't go into the specific detail, we can say that the investigation found that Officer Rose had taken inappropriate pictures of his body and sent them to a female. The investigation also found that the female was an adult, had an intimate relationship with Officer Rose at the time and the pictures that Officer Rose sent to her, along with photos that she sent to him in return were consensual. The investigation found that Officer Rose had taken the pictures on duty in a patrol car; however, that the photography was done privately. No members of the public witnessed it or were present when the photograph was taken. At the time, Officer Rose and the female were the only two people who knew the photographs existed. Officer Rose later ended the relationship. The pictures were still in her possession and were forwarded to a third individual. The female contacted our department to make a complaint against Officer Rose because she felt that since Officer Rose was involved in the original reporting of the allegations that ultimately led to the termination of the other officer, that Officer Rose should also face consequences for his actions. The female was also a friend of the terminated officer. The allegation that the female was under age had come from the third individual involved in this; not from the female herself.

From the moment that Officer Rose was first confronted with the allegations, he cooperated completely and thoroughly with both the outside criminal investigation and the internal investigation. He took full and complete responsibility for his actions and did not try to minimize his actions in any way. He was completely contrite and humbly accepted the disciplinary measures imposed against him. He agreed that his actions were inappropriate and did not reflect the high standards expected of an Albany Police Officer.
The disciplinary measures imposed reflect the violation of department policy and conduct but also take into account the full circumstances of the incident, the officer's remorse and full acceptance of responsibility, and the fact that there were no victims or others harmed in what occurred. Nobody other than Officer Rose and the female knew the photographs existed, until the relationship broke up and the female chose to send them to a third person and report to the Albany Police Department that it had occurred.

An anonymous source provided these pictures to the news media. We suspect he did so with full knowledge of the outcome of the investigation, which was completed in 2010.