New Elephant Water Hole open at Wildlife Safari

WINSTON, Ore. - The Elephant Water Hole at the Wildlife Safari is officially open.

George and the other elephants are enjoying their cool, new habitat.

"To just watch them have fun, and be able to just really express themselves like this in the water, we're truly getting to see a glimpse of their personalities," Katie Alayan, the elepahnt supervisor.

She said the elephant behavior in water is instictual.

"What they'll do is they'll get in the water, they'll get real wet, they'll splash around and play play play, and then they'll get out of the water and they'll throw dirt on themselves," she said. "So we've encouraged that behavior in a lot of ways. We've actually thrown in several giant sand piles into the yard so they'll lay down and wollow in it."

The project got some help from the community.

"We raised $150,000 at last year's auction, and this is what we got," said Lynn Engle with the Laudies Auxillary for Wildlife Safari. "It's amazing. We couldn't be more excited."

The Water Hole is part of the drive-through tour at the park.