Need a unique gift idea? Turn to the elephants!

WINSTON, Ore. -- The elephants at the Wildlife Safari are getting into the holiday spirit with a little decorating.

George and Alice have been hard at work painting ornaments.

Each of the elephants has their own style: Alice grabs a brush and daintily draws, while George splatters the decorations.

All of the money raised from the trunk creations will go to a possible new exhibit for the elephants. Katie Alayan, senior elephant trainer, says they have some big goals for the future. "We want to build them a wider area to be in, possibly build them a pond so that they can play down here instead of going up to the Village," she said. "We'll have one down here for them, so that they can splash and play and visitors will be able to see them."

Ornaments are priced between $15 and $20.

People can buy one this Saturday at a Wildlife Safari open house at 12:15, where those in attendance can watch a few ornaments get painted.

Park officials will also be selling the decorations at the Roseburg Valley Mall on Black Friday, at the craft fair starting November 30, and in the gift shop.