National Guard returns from training in Umatilla, Oregon

Oregon National Guard returns from training in Umatilla, OR. Photo Courtesy of Alisha Grezlik.

EUGENE, Ore. - The yearly two-week training in Umatilla, Oregon, that trains Guardsmen for whatever situation they are called out to ended on Friday, and members of the Oregon National Guard returned home.

In the northern Oregon camp, members of the guard were drilled in shooting firearms, rescuing others from danger and learning to protect and serve their communities in a number of other ways.

Unlike other branches of the military, the National Guard is not full-time. Many Guardsmen are police officers, engineers, business owners or lawyers.

Guardsmen say that's what makes the National Guard special - men and women use their day job to contribute to training and missions.

"You know my truck breaks down, that's coo - I've got a guy who's a mechanic on his own time," said Staff Sergeant Adrian Wilson.

The National Guard also stations you within the state you live in, unlike the other branches of the military.

The Oregon National Guard says they are always looking to educate people on their operations.

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