Mom: 'Neighbor's dog chased mine, then pounced on my son'

MYRTLE CREEK, Ore. -- A Myrtle Creek woman says she got quite a scare Thursday morning, when a dog came in to her house and pounced not only on her small dog, but her child.

Debra Mitchell of Myrtle Creek says she was outside her home, when a large Doberman Pinscher chased her small Dachshund into her house and jumped on it.

Mitchell was able to stop the bigger dog, but she says after she made him leave, he came back.

Debra told KPIC News that she doesn't know what direction the doberman was coming from, but next thing she knew, he was in her home on top of her baby boy. "Dobermans can be very aggressive dogs, and I also know, I guess, if he really wanted to hurt my dog or my child he could have, but it was extremely scary."

Debra says the dog made a mess of her home.

She says that the dog turned on her 2-year-old son, pinning the young boy to the ground. "My neighbor's dog isn't an aggressive dog, and I've never had these issues with him before," she said. "When the dog gets out of its kennel, he'll normally sit on my doorstep."

The Doberman is currently in lock up, and it's owner is scheduled to appear in court on February 25, to determine what will happen to the dog now.