Min. wage hike: 'Our wages are our biggest expense'

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Beginning in January of 2014, the minimum wage in Oregon will be going up 15 cents.

People around Roseburg had different views on the issue, with some business owners saying it will affect their bottom line.

Janice Quist, owner of Roseburg Book & Stationery, says it is going to be detrimental to the business. "Well, as a local, independent small business owner, we think it's going to affect us hugely," she said. "When it comes down to your profit and loss, our wages are our biggest expense that we have as a local independent store."

Quist says Roseburg Book & Stationery can no longer afford full time minimum wage workers, causing them to discontinue 401-K and benefit plans.

Other Roseburg residents say they are happy about the news. "Prices are going up, you know, the economy is going up so yeah, I think it's only fair that people should get a little hike in pay," said Roseburg resident Robert Stovall.

Oregon's $9.10 wage will keep it the second highest in the country just behind Washington State.