Medford man lost two fingers when illegal mortar exploded

MEDFORD, Ore. (AP) A Medford man who lost two fingers when an illegal firework exploded is recuperating at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland.

Medford police say 37-year-old David Jenkins and some friends lit what is called a double-shot mortar, which is illegal in Oregon.

Only one of the two embedded explosives went off after Jenkins lit it Friday morning.

Jenkins said he went back inside and came back out to pick up the "dud" an hour or so later. Police originally reported that Jenkins lit the remaining portion, but he told the Mail-Tribune he picked it up with his right hand and it went off unprovoked.

David Jenkins also told the paper he is in good spirits despite his injury that will require one more surgery.

Police said they issued Jenkins a $250 citation for using the illegal firework. Jenkins said doctors were able to save the other fingers on his right hand. And lucky for him, he's left-handed.