Mayor hopes new cameras will deter vandalism to park

OAKLAND, Ore. -- A streak of vandalism in the Oakland City Park has the city's mayor working to get to the bottom of it.

Mayor Betty Keehley says destruction like this is not a one-time deal.

From damage to flowers and restrooms, to carvings on picnic tables, it keeps happening.

In a two year period, Oakland Public Works says losses have been about $10,000.

With new surveillance equipment, Keehley says she's hoping to find the culprits. "The system that we had before had a very grainy texture to it, so you really couldn't tell who was there," she said. "We weren't really capable of pointing a finger at anyone. Now, we will be able to see the faces clearly."

Keehley says when summer starts she expects to see more vandalism.

She's hoping to get the cameras hidden in the area in the next week or so.